Badge API information
You can use this API on your fansite, combined with the rest of our API's, to make great tools for your users. Search for a badge name or description. Display the 50 latest badges, 10 badges with the word "Party" in the name. The the possibilities are endless and only you set the limit.

The API scan Habbo's files every 5 minute and we collect every new data and push it out to you. You just need to paste in the code.

Check the example at the bottom of the page

Note: We have removed all badges without image, by default.
Badge API documentation

Request fields

This is our Request URL - you use parameters to request information:

These parameters should be sent as Query Parameters for the endpoint URL. For example:

Request fields:

Name Description Type
code Search by unique badge code Query
name Search by badge name Query
page Set page Query

Response fields:

Name Description Type
name Return unique badge code String
bname Return badge name String
txt Return badge description String
created_at Return creating date Datetime
total Return total habbo badges Integer
count Return the count of badges requested Integer
per_page Return badges shown per page Integer
prev_page_url Return full url to previous badge page Integer
next_page_url Return full url to next badge page Integer
Badge API code
<meta charset="UTF-8">
$badges = json_decode(file_get_contents(''.$_GET['page']), true);
foreach($badges['list']['data'] as $badge){
    <img src="' . $badge['name'] . '.gif" />