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Hey Everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself my name is Glee and I've been working with Rev for very long time so now I have moved onto BrainCMS! Because the coding is lot different.

I have couple issues and I'm trying to get on the right path!

So I'm creating Habbo Theme for Brain as I looked on RetroRipper and no Theme was created.

Issue #1

The Promo Box


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What I'm trying to get it to.

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My Code that I used (I attempted to compare between the Brain Theme)

PHP Code:
 <div id="promo-box">
       <div id="promo-bullets"></div>

$dbh->prepare("SELECT id,title,image,shortstory FROM cms_news ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1");
              while ($news $sql->fetch())
                <div class="promo-container" style="background-image: url('
                <div class="promo-content-container-">
                    <div class="promo-content">
                <div class="title">'
                <div class="body">'
                <div class="promo-link-container">
                <div class="enter-hotel-btn">
                <div class="open enter-btn"
                <a href="/news/'
.filter($news["id"]).'">'.$lang["Mreadmore"].' »</a>
Issue #2

I think this has to due with my header.php in my theme. When I swap between different tabs, I go from the me page when I go to community tab it goes to "Guest-Register"

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When I swap Tabs 

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